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Oil & Gas Exploration

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We are one of the largest land drilling company in Russia. We have a dominant position in the Caspian Sea jack-up rig market. We have made our first international investment, establishing a presence in Northern Iraq.

Roland Oil has a rich heritage of international exploration, having conducted seismic survey and drilling operations in a variety of climactic conditions, both onshore and offshore.

While the majority of the company's activities are the result of internal prospect generation, Roland Oil remains open to participation in opportunities generated by others that are consistent with our operating philosophy and meet the company's technical and economic criteria.

As a partner in ongoing world-class projects, we are committed to exceeding industry standards and contributing to the economic growth and social framework of Russia.

We streamline oil and gas exploration, development, production and decommissioning by providing an integrated package of services founded on critical knowledge and essential operational support.

All our activities are planned and executed with the highest focus and attention on safety. Our local expertise and global resource network deliver specialist disciplines, pioneering technologies and world-class services across each phase of your oil and gas project.

Oil & Gas Exploration Activities

Field Exploration

Exploring oil & gas resources by combining geophysical, geotechnical, geological & geochemical expertise with world-class metocean.

Field Development

From initial planning, to design and installation, we provide a uniquely integrated suite of services for oil and gas field development projects.

Field Production

We build on the knowledge gained at the field development phase of an oil and gas project to provide you with ongoing support throughout the operational life of your facilities. We’ll team this with essential data and consultancy advice for your downstream infrastructure and onshore facilities.

Infrastuctural Decommissioning

We offer a multi-disciplinary set of integrated offshore services for the safe and efficient decommissioning, abandonment and removal of oil and gas infrastructure from the surface to the seabed. Thereafter, you can use our services to help restore and provide long-term monitoring and reporting of decommissioned production sites.