Global Oil & Gas Exploration Company

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Company Overview

Roland Oil is one of the largest Oil & Gas company in the world. Roland Oil has been a leader in the oil and gas exploration and production industry. The company began as a modest, family-owned and -operated regional exploration company and transitioned into a large, international company, capable of operating successfully anywhere in the world.

Roland Oil is one of the largest privately owned companies in Texas, operating both domestically and internationally. With years of leadership in the exploration and production industry, Roland Oil found its original success in oil fields. Today, the company is actively engaged in exploration and production activities in numerous areas around the world.

Our vision, mission, values and leadership principles drive how we behave, how we interact and how we will consistently deliver outstanding results. Our culture is to challenge norms and to adapt with creative solutions for the successful delivery of every barrel, whilst we continue to focus on HSE performance. Safe operating practices throughout the organisation are essential and I must stress that there is no room for complacency.

Our Principle

Our first economic consideration is Productivity and Growth.

We are Experts

Our culture is to challenger norms and to adapt with creative solutions for the successful delivery of every barrels.

Quality Skills

With the utmost Reliability, Simplicity, Innovation and Empathy . We hold quality at high regards and equally believe that well-informed clients can make better decisions to assure quality.

Who We Are

  • Our Mission
  • Code of Conduct
  • Our Vision

To work diligently with Partners and serious investors to create an energy-independent nation through non-conventional geological plays and trends. We seek to create wealth potential by leveraging the latest technological advancements for oil and gas extraction. It is our belief that preservation of capital is required and essential to achieve this mission.

Roland Oil is committed to conducting its business in an ethical and responsible manner and in full compliance with all applicable laws.

In some countries in which we operate, serious challenges must be tackled, such as bribery and corruption. By setting clear guidelines, we ensure that all employees understand our expectations concerning acceptable business practices.

Roland Oil 's Code of Conduct covers topics such as fair and accurate business dealings, corruption, health and safety, discrimination, and environmental protection. To ensure that all employees understand their obligations, the Code is available in 18 different languages. The Code of Conduct document is supplemented by an on-line training module and is distributed to all our employees annually. Should employees have concerns about violations of company policies or the law, they may report the issue to their supervisor or manager, HR representative, or any member of the Legal or Compliance Department. Alternatively the employee may report through the Ethics Point Department or by telephone helpline. The company prohibits retaliation against people raising concerns.

The key to sustainable, explosive growth in energy asset management is involvement in energy projects that not only offer the highest statistical probability of not losing invested capital, but also offer the highest overall yield. We have the experience and expertise necessary to find and work with these cutting-edge producers and help our serious investors create wealth potential in a sustained and profitable way.